Integrity and compliance

Materiality and goals

GRI 103-1/-2


Target horizon

Our integrity-related activities are designed to help us reach the following key targets:

  • Knowledge of and compliance with the Integrity Code
  • All employees and managers behave and act in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Discussions and dialogue concerning current key integrity topics and the risks associated with unethical behaviour
  • Feedback from integrity analyses is incorporated into measures designed to strengthen the culture of integrity


Our compliance-related activities are designed to help us reach the following key targets:

  • Respect for and protection of human rights
  • Compliance with corruption prevention regulations
  • Maintenance and promotion of fair competition
  • Compliance of our products with technical and regulatory requirements
  • Adherence to data protection laws
  • Compliance with sanctions
  • Prevention of money laundering
  • Prevention of the financing of terrorism


We are convinced that companies stay successful only if their actions are ethical and legally responsible. This is especially the case during times of turmoil and transformation such as those we are experiencing today. Integrity and compliance are therefore top priorities at Mercedes-Benz Group.

Integrity forms the foundation of our business activities. For us, ethical behaviour means doing what is right. This includes adhering to laws, aligning our activities with common principles and following our inner compass.


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Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Bernd Pischetsrieder

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