Materiality and goals

GRI 103-1/-2


Target horizon

Status as of 2021

Partnership with the employees



Ensure permanently constructive cooperation between company and employee representative bodies.



Ensure remuneration structures in line with market rates through compliance with our global Corporate Compensation Policy.


No significant
violations are known

Further develop our leadership principles and culture in order to boost our agility, increase the pace of innovation and safeguard the stability of business operations.



Support and enhance flexible and modern working-time arrangements in order to exploit the advantages of new forms of work. The focal topic this year is hybrid work.


Target achieved

Training and professional development



Ensure the high quality of our training programmes.



Empower more than 70 per cent of the employees to work successfully within the digital transformation3



Milestone: Empower 60–65 per cent of the employees to work successfully within the digital transformation3


Target achieved

Enhance the culture of learning and introduce innovative types of instruction — implemented during the reporting year in a few pilot projects and test measures.


Target achieved

Increase the Group’s attractiveness as an employer for digitally talented people: Top 5 in the target ranking1



Milestone: Top 7 in the target ranking1


Target achieved:
Top 62

Diversity and equal opportunity



Improve equal opportunity for all of the employees in this company, as measured by the agreement rate to the Inclusion Index4



Milestone: 70 per cent by agreement rate to the “Inclusion Index”.


Target achieved

Increase the proportion of women in leading management positions5 (increase of one percentage point per year).


Target achieved

Health and occupational safety



Curb the spread of covid-19 and maintain business operations.

  • Ensure measures for health management and occupational safety are updated daily
  • Maintain existing medical services
  • Continue information campaign for covid-19
  • Continue vaccination campaign for the protection of the employees


Target achieved: effective measures taken

Ensure employees can work in a safe and healthy environment.



Continue to promote the digitalisation of health management in line with current conditions.


In 2021, we offered additional digital prevention measures, including a new health app.


Ranking of goals in the Trendence study of college graduates in the field of IT (Germany)


Result relates to the former Daimler Group in Germany


Employee survey, agreement rate regarding their empowerment for the digital transformation


Employee survey, agreement rate regarding fair treatment regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, disability or other differences


Management Level 3 and above of the Mercedes-Benz Group worldwide (headcounts, fully consolidated companies)

The automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation in a number of areas including electrification, digitalisation, automated driving, connected urban mobility and sustainability. Not only are the products of the Mercedes-Benz Group rapidly changing, this transformation is also causing changes within the company and for the workforce. It is thoroughly changing our value-creation and working processes as well as our job profiles.

We know that our employees are a key element of the Group’s success. 172,4251 employees throughout the world contribute to our company’s development with their skills, ideas and motivation. That’s why we want to treat our employees as partners.

In order to remain competitive over the long term, we enable our employees to develop further — professionally and personally. To this end, we are steadily enhancing our qualification offers, creating new job profiles and sharpening our requirements profiles. We are also fulfilling our duty of care for our employees, because we want to provide them with a healthy and safe working environment.

Throughout the Group, we promote a diverse and inclusive corporate and management culture. Particularly in challenging times, respectful and trusting cooperation between the workforce and management is called for. In this way, our employees can get involved and contribute to the successful transformation of our company.

1 Final value 31 December 2021, headcounts, workforce excluding temporary workers during holidays, interns, integrated master’s degree students, trainees, senior experts and working students.


Mercedes-Benz AG Mercedesstraße 120
70372 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 7 11 17-0

Represented by the Board of Management: Ola Källenius (Chairman), Jörg Burzer, Renata Jungo Brüngger, Sabine Kohleisen, Markus Schäfer, Britta Seeger, Hubertus Troska, Harald Wilhelm

Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Bernd Pischetsrieder

Court of Registry: Stuttgart; commercial register no. 762873
VAT ID: DE 32 12 81 763