Sustainable urban mobility

Materiality and goals


Target horizon

Improving road safety for all road users in urban areas.


Making the traffic flow in cities more efficient and optimising resource and infrastructure needs.


Expanding sustainable mobility by extending the charging infrastructure and cyclical use concepts for traffic systems.


Providing all city dwellers with unobstructed access to mobility.


The majority of the world’s population now lives in cities. According to the United Nations, the proportion will reach almost 70 per cent by 2050. This development is affecting transport volumes and the quality of life in cities. Congested roads, higher CO2 emissions and increasing noise and air pollution are just some of the effects of transport activities. That’s why a smart mobility mix and the further expansion of electric mobility, as well as solutions for making goods transport more efficient, are now more important than ever before.

The goal of the Mercedes-Benz Group is not only to mitigate the negative effects of urbanisation but also to use sustainable mobility and transport solutions to further improve the quality of life in cities. Electric mobility is a key lever in this process — but it’s not the only one. What we need is a comprehensive electric mobility ecosystem consisting of products, services, technologies and innovations.

The covid-19 pandemic has also created challenges for urban traffic. Many commuters regard their own cars as a safe alternative to local public transport, one that promises to effectively protect them from infection. The mobility of the future should be as safe as possible, as well as comfortable, sustainable, fast and intelligently networked.

The Mercedes-Benz Group is tackling these challenges and is already using intelligent mobility solutions to shape tomorrow’s mobility transformation today.


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